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TEACH Academy

TEACH (Teachers Exploring and Advocating Careers in Health) Academy was created to educate middle and high school teachers and guidance counselors about career opportunities in healthcare. Educators need to be knowledgeable about health careers so they can help recruit students into these needed professions. The goal of the program is to enable pivotal, respected adults to become better resources for their students.

The TEACH Academy Manual will provide all the necessary information needed to plan a wonderful "immersion" experience into healthcare for educators. You will receive a checklist of all steps you will need to take to plan a TEACH Academy. "Getting Started" will help you take the first steps, such as forming a planning committee and determining the community in which to hold TEACH. You will receive suggested budgets and schedules, pre- and post-tests, and even ideas about how to recruit participants.

Teach Academy is a flexible and dynamic program that can be offered in a two- or three-day format, depending on your needs. The program has been so effective it has been offered by the five other AHECs in the Georgia AHEC Network. Since 2002 more than 660 educators in Georgia have completed the program. It has been used in 23 other states and Canada. TEACH Academy has become the model for Pennsylvania's health professions workforce development plan. We think you will find TEACH Academy to be a wonderful new resource for your organization.